DJ e

DJ e


When e “spins” you have to skate just to cool off…

… DJ e gets you groovin’ til you wobble more than the R Train to Queens.
A long time Dance Skater himself, DJ e has played for various rinks including the famous Roxy.

“I really like to play music for the roller skaters because they need a certain type of genre and the music has to flow the right way. That, I learned from an experienced guy, named Julio Estein, who is no longer with us. He taught me everything he knew and I listened to him back in the day at Roxy Roller Skating Ring in New York City. He was the DJ there for years. We hit it off and I would go and visit him and he would let me play and spin for an hour or so and I was like ‘man, I can’t believe he’s letting me do this!’ And after that, I started doing my own thing.”

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