DJ e

NYC DJ e is one of a select few DJs to have spun at the World Famous Roxy Roller Rink in New York City. Being an avid roller skater and musician himself, his style in skating and music have been shaped by both the people who attended the Roxy and the two skate DJs who played there, DJs Julio Estien and Danny Krivit.

DJ e says: “As an activity, roller skating promotes exercise in a positive and fun way. Roller skating has a great social and environmental impact on all walks of life, in every age group. Along with music, I can’t think of a better activity that does it so well.

My hope is that we as people can replace the Roxy and promote roller skating as much as possible. I believe it to be one of the biggest parts our active future.

Please support your local roller rink or roller skating activity any way you can. “