Guidelines For Skaters and Dancers

The Skate Circle is for Dance Skaters

Dancers (without skates)are welcome as long as they follow the CPDSA rules

Please Read Before You Enter The Skate Circle
These common sense guidelines are designed to create a safe, clean, secure atmosphere in the Skate Circle.


When entering the Circle, walk in along the fence and cross into the center when the rink is clear of skate traffic. Do not enter from the path or cross the skating area on foot. Walk bikes and baby carriages into the rest area. Bikes, carriages and strollers are not allowed in the rink area. 

The central areas between the lines north and south of the DJ booth and baggage area are for dancing on skates. The area north of the rink where the figure 8s are painted on the ground is for dancing on shoes, hooping, flagging and other dance activities.

The area south of the central rink is for freestyle skating and skate dancing. Stay within the lines painted on the ground. Do not place anything on the ground in the dance skating area. 

Children under 14 must wear a helmet. No speed skating. No backpacks or shoulder bags while skating. No glass bottles. No littering. Please throw trash in the designated receptacles. No Vending. No Pets. No smoking allowed in Central Park. No alcoholic beverages. No illicit drugs.



Please cooperate with CPDSA staff members.