July 2014 Newsletter

Happy Birthday CPDSA

The weather this summer has been a bit cooler than usual, maybe the Polar Vortex is hanging on to whatever power it still has left. A relatively cool dry summer would be a gift to the Skate Circle, much better than some of the oppressively hot and humid years we have endured. Eighty-five degrees with a light breeze? Just what we would order, if we could.

The fourth of July can be very hot, but we always celebrate it with gusto, it is our birthday. In 1994 the area where we now skate at the north end of Center Drive, was a newly paved patch of asphalt behind ten foot high chain link fences, where materials were stored for the restoration of the Bandshell plaza and the Bethesda Fountain. The Dinkins Administration reached out to the skaters who congregated just up the hill at the old Circle.

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