June 2022 Newsletter

A banner year for Roller Skating in New York —

This is a banner year for Roller Skating in New York, with two high-visibility, well-publicized outdoor rinks opening. “Flipper’s At The Rink” at Rockefeller Center is already open and has featured some of our favorite New York Skate DJs. “The DiscOasis Central Park—A Roller-Disco Paradise” at Wollman Rink will be opening on June 16th. It promises world-class entertainment along with the skating. It’s a far cry from the days in the early 2000s when the rinks all closed and the Skate Circle was the only place to skate in Manhattan.

What helped us survive is that we are a small community-based group with one goal—to have a place for skaters to come together and dance on skates, free of charge. We keep a low profile and are a little known attraction—a pleasant surprise to visitors walking though Central Park. […]

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