September 2015 Newsletter

Our 21st Season

This has been an eventful and historic year for the CPDSA. We are celebrating the 20th anniversary of the founding of our group and we are mourning the loss of Lezly Ziering — the Skate Guru — beloved teacher and founder of the CPDSA.

Life can be like that, good and bad things happen despite our hopes and wishes. The unintended consequence of a long life is that we to must bear the loss of those we love. We celebrated Lezly’s life at the Skate Circle on the Sunday after his memorial service in the way skaters do, we skated. Skaters skate through joy and sadness, it keeps us going.

The Skate Circle is a very special event and in many ways this has been a good year. The DJs have done an excellent job with the music and our dedicated staff of volunteers have done the heavy work of bringing out, setting up and breaking down the equipment for each session. The Circle is an ephemeral presence, dependent on a small team to get the work done and though we are in our twenty-first season, it is hard to know how long it will be sustainable in its present form. There is room in the CPDSA Board of Directors for skaters who want to see our group continue and who aren’t afraid to work hard to make that happen.

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