October 2021 Newsletter

Look Ahead —

[…] Many people have helped us over the years, starting with the people from the Parks Department and the Conservancy who took a chance on us in the beginning: Doug Blonsky and Neil Calvanese. There were many other Conservancy people who worked with us over the years in a friendly problem solving way, especially: Stan Steen, Jamie Warren, Natalie Wilson, Phil Jabouin and Nick Maurader. In the Parks Department, Anthony Sama and Claudia Pepe are the key people for us getting our special events permits. Special thanks must go to Manhattan Borough President, Gale Brewer and her staff, especially Vanessa Diaz-López and Matthew Washington, for their advocacy of our resurfacing project. 

Three of the original CPDSA founders have rejoined us this year, Former CPDSA President, Brent Noseworthy, former chief of security, Butch Leake and former board member Greg Reese. It would be difficult to explain the contribution made by these three men as well as Tyrone Cloud in founding and keeping the CPDSA alive in our early years. There are others who spent years bringing our sound equipment down from the back room at Mineral Springs and then later, from backstage at the Bandshell. Leroy James, Tim Smith, John Waters, Tom Winslow, Michele Knowles, Big Ed Ratliff, Jonathan Brunschwig, Gary Bowler, Robin Ostrow, Tessell Williams, Edna Davoll, Tyrone Cloud, Jose Rivera, John Spotsy, Marco Sepulveda, Sal Rentas, Steve Cherry, Anthony Donoghue, Yvette Gauthier, Danny Blanco, Betty Gonzalez, and Lynna Davis. […]

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