September 2018 Newsletter

Our Twenty-Fourth Season—

This summer has flown past or perhaps I should say slid by on rain slicked pavement. The wet weather put a damper on our enjoyment of the music and skating; ironically, it also served to make the good days that much more precious. 

There were many days when we took a chance that the rain would hold off until we were finished for the day and ended up dancing in the rain. Other days, with forecasts of seventy to ninety percent chance of thundershowers, we cancelled and then regretted it because no rain materialized. We like to think that meteorologists have a firm grasp on forecasting what will happen next, but this year it was all guesswork. We might have done better consulting a fortune teller.

It can be very demoralizing to our crew to bring out all of our audio equipment and support gear, set up barricades, delineators and ropes, sweep the floor and put up our signs and then just as everything is finally in place and we are putting our skates on, the rain starts to fall.

For those disappointing days and all the others, we must thank our CPDSA Board of Directors for their work this season: Lionel Laurent, Suli Sokoni, Lynna Davis, Robin Ostrow, Edna Davoll, Jonathan Brunschwig, Tessell Williams, Marco Sepulveda, Yvette Gauthier, Sal Rentas, Ileana Adamos, Gary Bowler, Jose Rivera and Tyrone Cloud. We also thank our volunteers: Hector Alemany, Ileana Adamos, Max, Miyuke Koga and Xiomara Hayes. We must also thank  Ivan Leon and Wayne Bradley for their help with road repairs. We must not forget the essential work done by our chief engineer, Chris Burchsted, for building the new remote audio system for the dance area and for his work keeping our audio equipment in tip top shape.

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